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Bespoke eyewear made in Paris

Not long ago, French eyewear designers used to claim proudly their identity and originality. They used to craft spectacles in a variety of sizes and colors to meet everyone's needs.


Over the past twenty years, due to the factories’ relocation and change in manufacturing techniques, glasses have been made in one-size-fits-all. Today, individuals who have features slightly different than average have a limited choice of eyewear.


To face this problem, we have decided to specialize in the art of bespoke spectacles. A tailor made eyewear is a fashion accessory designed especially for you according to specifics criteria that are specific to you:

prescription restrictions, morphological measurements, your personality, your desires and your taste as well as current trends.


The starting price for a custom acetate frame is 299eu. This fashion accessory is supported by your complementary health insurance up to your subscribed guarantees.


Step 1 : Tell us


During the first meeting, we will get to know you: discover your expectations and wishes but also respond to your fears.


In order to best describe your wishes to us, you will be able to use elements such as: sketches, existing frames or pictures. Your needs related to glasses, your facial features and / or a pathology will also be part of our considerations.

For instance, If you are very myopic, the eyewear construction will not be the same as for a mild astigmatism.


Then, the frame maker will take your facial measurements such as the temporal gap, pupillary distance, the height of the ears or the width of the nasal root.

With all those elements, the optician will draw sketches and get as close as possible to your dream frame while adding his advice and his expertise.

Step 2 : The prototype

Using all the collected informations and measurements, our frame maker will craft one or more prototypes.

You will be welcome to place those patterns on your nose and visualise your futur glasses on your face.


If necessary, the craftsman will be able to make modifications and / or include new requests.


Step 3 : Materials and colors

At this point, you will finaly able to choose the material as well as the color of your bespoke eyewear. We have a large panel of approximately  1000 colors..

Step 4 : The making

After the drawing,  the prototype and the color, our craftsmen will start manufacturing your glasses in our Parisian workshops. They will handmake the frame by following the 30 ancestral steps of crafting used by french eyewear makers.

The working time per spectacle ranges from 8 to 20 hours depending on the material and the complexity of the design.

The craftsman in charge of your glasses will be the one who assisted you throughout the process to ensure that every detail is respected.

Once the job is complete, we will edge and fit the lenses to your frame.


Step 5 : The last fitings

You will finally be able to discover your creation. After checking the correctness of the lenses, we will check the stability and comfort of the glasses by making final adjustments.

Once finished, you can finally enjoy of your new bespoke glasses!

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