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La Maison michèle B.

When we asked Michèle why she had chosen the path of becoming an optician and a frame maker she replied:

 "As far as remember, I have always had a deep fascination with spectacles. So I naturally went to an optical school in Paris and graduated in 1986.
I saw glasses as a fashion accessory that embellish, camouflage, rejuvenate and style the wearer.
It was in this state of mind and pregnant to the bone that I opened my first store in 1987 in the Paris suburbs.
At the beginning I was looking for exclusive collections. Then I started customising existing models to finally move on to design and manufacture.
Just like Obelix and the magic potion, my sons fell in this magic cauldron, infinitely colorful, with crazy and wise eyewear shapes. They have passionately followed in the footsteps of this beautiful profession. In our family we talk about glasses, we breathe glasses, we dream glasses, we design glasses and we make glasses! "

Today, la maison optik by michèle b is pleased to welcome you to two boutiques - workshops located in the heart of the Marais in Paris. Their goal is to create bespoke glasses that meet the needs, requirements, tastes and personality of their customers. From noble materials such as cellulose acetate or buffalo horn, the frames are shaped according to the ancestral methods of French eyewear makers.

Their approach is ecological by its short circuit and the durability of their frames.

The boutiques also offer collections of ready-to-wear eyeglass frames to meet all demands.

Like all opticians, they check and adapt prescriptions and are responsible for ordering and edging corrective lenses from a major French glass manufacturer.

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